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Dog Motion 03 | Mohammad Tabatabai

Dog Motion 03 | Mohammad Tabatabai


An Exotic Sprit and Overlap


Black, white and red; the funny colored spots on dog's long body and the lady's dressing; infatuation by contrariety and vision attraction; an attraction by mode and design which causes us to praise more than an allusion. The dog's playfulness and common points between the sexual attraction of the dog and the lady and the visual attraction of portraits all are praising Libido.


The comparison of fine and pleasant spinal cord of the god and its harmony with the dog's tail with body lines of the lady beside it leads the viewer to the visual and sexual attraction of both of them and causes the viewer to imagine the body in the dressing upon his / her own taste. The opposite sight is a flat red sight without any depth which encompassed both figures. The sunset without the perspective puts both of the figures in a strange situation and leads the viewer to fancy imaginations. The painter can not overlook enjoy that the viewer will find from these two grubby, fancy, and strange figures beside each other. The surprising embracing of the dog with the underwear, it's viewing the acrobat artist from below and it's attached to the swelling abdomen of the lady strengthens this fancy.


As the wearer of this attractive underwear, the lady's body is empty and has only a shell and is flying like a quasi on-air or sat on the sofa; but the dog, which is in another beautiful dressing, has its full volume. Space and environment are belonging to both of them and each has its own share of the space and the dog responds to the minimal motion of the lady. However, since the most domestic animal may make humanity surprised, if we deleted the black spots of the dog, it will show the wildness in its true sense.


The “Way of Seeing”, written by John Berger, tells us about the attractiveness of animals and its surprising figures. The animal was the subject of the first painting in the world, and coexistence and overlapping have been among the oldest human thoughts formed in mankind's mind.


The animal's spirit, just like of a child, is a and mysterious foggy land that reminds us of the smell of the deepest layers of soil and memory of the first hunts the man has done. In absence of the human body, language, and social rules, and despite the silence, distance and separation, the relation between the two figures are funny, sprightly and hence mysterious and ominous.


Helia Darabi

Artikelnummer: E-12003
  • 39 2/5 × 118 1/10 in

    [100 × 300 cm]

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